friendship never ends

I read an article today. The heading was “Friendship, like love, knows no distance and time.”

Same as the writer, I also have friends way back high school. We had great moments in spite of our uphill academic curriculum.

A year after high school graduation, we exchanged letters and notes merely inscribed on a yellow paper and passed them to a friend of a friend until they reached into our respective ends.

just a cropped photo…we don’t have much captured moments

More years had passed until we graduated college. I finished college ahead of them. We barely text and see each other. My wedding served as the bridge to meet us at a certain place and time. I had known that time that I was the only one who lacked the time for our bonding. Perhaps, it is the reason why they have missed to attend on some of our family occasions. Just kidding! 😉 I don’t run a business but I am just too busy at work while schooling (4 years ago). I didn’t explain to them why I am always missing in action during meet-ups, but they understood. They always do that! Aside from they are single ladies, I just have a different lifestyle. However, they still understood.

Tonight, a bonding treat will happen. We already planned for this awaited event at one of the famous bars in the city. Again, I cannot make it. Unfortunately, we were told a while ago to render work on a day off on this very same day. I am so sad. At first, I was in a dilemma. Eventually, I had a choice. As a mom of 2, I choose to render work on day off, without a doubt.

I know what I chose to do is the best thing to do. Without a question, I will give priority to a thing that kept my family supported. And besides, who would enjoy the night out knowing that my kids are crying, looking for a mom, especially my 2nd child who is still breastfed; and a husband on a problem-solving state on how to prevent our house from being repossessed by a housing mortgage provider due to inevitable late payments for about 4 months?

Bestfriends, I hope you will still understand me “again” this time. I have a very difficult life. We may not have all the time to be together, still our friendship will be cherished forever. I miss you!


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