I am my Own Wedding Coordinator

reception at garage

There was a second reception after our wedding. We did it to accommodate other visitors who were not at the main reception, which was held at a resort. We invited the whole neighborhood. It is a custom already. 😉 You know where’s the 2nd reception is? At the garage! I used my mother-sewn curtains to cover the windows and the wall. My sister drew the heart, letters, dove, flowers and I was the one cutting them. Our youngest sister helped in pinning them to the white cloth. My husband, Orley, built the tables. He used his woodworking skills learned during high school years (laugh). Never underestimate, they are reliable and strong! In fact, my mother used them whenever an occasion is to be held in the house. Orley’s cousin did the table skirting. Though simple, it is elegant to see. Pink and blue were our color motifs.

The Wedding Souvenir

This only cost me less than $1 each.

Materials used:

  • lovebirds/swans figurine
  • glittered ribbons (silver and pink)
  • card or note with date and time of wedding

self-made wedding souvenir

The Invitation and the Mass Guide

  • Envelope used: hand-made, cut and fold design, bluish-white ribbon, paper cloth ( I really don’t know what kind of paper was that)
  • parchment paper – fastened with pink ribbon
  • hard specialty paper


I’m now Orley’s lawful wife and a mom of two.


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