Projects at Home

Not all the time I could spend a long day in our cozy house. And as a mom at home, I use that time to sleep and take care of my kids. Once, I had a chance to roam around the house. Though not messy at all, the sight of used old papers, boxes and plastics won’t make me feel pleased. From what I’ve learned in grade school: reduce, recycle and reuse. That’s what I wanted to do. At work, there are things that I couldn’t forget, too – 5s! So, I tried to sort them out. Some recyclable items can be sold to scrap buyers and there are also few of them that can be reused.  Big plastic containers were used as my flower pots, mini bucket, food storages or even as toys. My baby boy Railey enjoyed it when a lid rolls down and goes after it.

To start with, I made this boxes in a box:
I assembled little boxes of different sizes in the lid of a shoebox. My homemade desk organizer!
The 5s part:
The lid of the shoebox was useful, and so the box itself!
I put my baby Raine’s little parts of clothing in it to make her drawer more arranged and to sort them out.

new pad of paper:
As a mom at home, I love to write and sketch. I came up to an idea of reusing the back sheet of used paper if there are no markings in it. The procedure is very simple and easy. You can understand it by just merely looking at the picture. The pink one is more hassle than the white. I utilized a used empty envelope from our wedding invitation and paste it in front as a cover design and write on it. This pad was bound differently. I used adhesive glue on every top part of the paper then glue them one over the other. Still, a hard cardboard makes the pad stiff by attaching it on the back.

Recyclable bins:
My husband, Orley likes to tickle his ears as always as possible. 😉
As a result, we always buy cotton buds and now have few bins of it. I watched a video of reusing them. Adhere the bins to a circular lid and arrange them in a circular mode. It was the lid of the biscuit packaging that our company gives off every end of the year. Its container was now used as a mini bucket.

Mails and bills holder:
Reminding my husband about our monthly dues is also one of the duties of being a mom at home. Gifts we received came in paper bags, as well as, my admission packages during my hospitalizations. They have different colors and sizes and designs. I chose this brown paper bag and stuck it on the back of our main door using colored thumbtacks. This way, we’re always on top of our monthly bills! 😉

There are a lot of home projects to be done coz there are still empty boxes lying around. By the way, I got these ideas from the internet. You should browse and make some of these, too!


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