green thumb

Yeah, I availed our company’s Workforce Reduction Program. My reasons, as planned with my hubby, were to receive the separation pay and pay it to our housing loan because we were almost issued a buyback; find a new job that is something like an office work; and find a new job that pays me more than what I received monthly in the previous company. Those were just plans but I tried my best to land on a new job. We paid off our mortgage. But sometimes, or most of the time, there are some things that will never go as planned for we don’t know what lies ahead. Only Him.

However, the reason I wrote on the WRP form that I sent to the HR Department was: to become a full time housewife and mom at home. Funny, because that’s what really happens to me now. My mother-in-law who was the one taking care of our kids while we’re at work needed to go to my brother-in-law. A newborn baby to take care of. That means I am doing the task now. A real housewife and mom at home, ย so I declined all those job interviews and stopped seeking for a job.

Meanwhile, for my first day of mom-at-home career, I looked at the house, roamed around and listed down what needs to be done. Started the general cleaning (known as TPM at work) and bought some things that seem to be lacking in the house.

And I thought of putting a mini garden but couldn’t for the soil is not good. So, this was what I only did.


Before, I had only 2 black mini pots of Euphorbia (light pink and dark pink flowers), 3 black mini pots of Moneymaker plants, 1 black mini pot of Chinese Bamboo, 1 black mini pot of Mayana plant and 2 big pots of San Francisco plants. But after I resigned, I did a little gardening. At first I was worried that they might not live. I remembered way back 10 years, the first and thought would be the last time in gardening, all my plants withered and eventually died. My younger siblings teased me for the outcome so I never tried to plant again, until now.

On the contrary, I was very happy seeing my new plants. See that picture above? My plants lived, multiplied and bear flowers already! And I added a plant by the window sill and love to see the result that the rectangle pot sits right.

My neighbor once asked me to help her with her plants because she thinks I have a green thumb. Hahaha… I love the term! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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