my new daily routine

Being a mom at home is not an easy job position. There is no exact job description for this. What should be kept in mind is to put all things at home under control. Especially regarding the kids.

Before, my daily routine only goes like this…

If my working schedule is A shift:

5:00 am – ready for work.
          6:00 to 2:00 – regular 8 working hours.
          2:00 to 6:00- if I have to render overtime.
          7:00 – at home with kids. not so busy…we just play until we fall asleep.

B shift: 2:00 am – 10:00 pm

C shift: 10:00 pm – 6:00 am


6:00 – bathe Raine (though she wakes up at 4am)
6:30 – feed Raine.
7:00 – bathe Railey.
7:30 – feed Railey (while watching Mickey Mouse at TV5 pra so that he’ll behave…it takes him 1 hour to finish his food)
8:30 – time for my breakfast with Orley before he leaves for work.
9:00 – my kids’ nap time

(During their nap, I do the necessary things to do at home. Sometimes, I check my emails and play my favorite app in Facebook – The Ville.)


11:30 – feed Raine.
12:00 – feed Railey (while watching Eat Bulaga at GMA 7)
1:00 – I eat my lunch.
3:00 – my kids’ nap time again.
4:30 – strolling around the neighborhood with my kids / playtime.


6:00 – feed Raine.
6:30 – feed Railey (while watching Enchanted Garden at TV5)
8:00 – I eat my supper.
9:00 – sponge bathe Railey.


1:00 am – milk for Raine.

4:00 am – Raine cries and eventually waking us all.

That’s what I always do every weekdays until Saturday. During Sundays, I have additional work to do. That’s emptying all the laundry baskets. Whew!


In response to:

Weekly Writing Challenge: And Now for Something Completely Different


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