mY nAil Art

Just so you know, I am a Visual Artist under Special Program for the Arts during my high school days. For 4 years, I was taught with everything about art – drawing, designing, painting, sculpture, different kinds of art media, different styles of painting, blah blah blah… But I admit I am not on the top list of hands-on exercises, my classmates were very good at it.

After college, I discovered that I am not only good at using colors on canvas papers but also on NAILS! hahaha…Every Fridays, I wear colors on my nails at work. This is one thing my workmates are anticipating – “what design for now, huh?!” Even if I’m already a mom or was pregnant at those times or already had 1 baby, they were amazed at how I still managed to do nail art. Well, it’s called time management. But you know, if there is something that I want to do, I make sure there’s no one stopping me. Perseverance, that is!

Here are some of my simple nail arts:


simple blue in sparkles


my nail last February 14, 2012


I called this “ikebana” (Japanese flower arrangement) because it seems the colors are of that Japanese kimono

korean chic

Korean chic


smiling toe nails


my pillowcases at this time were Spongebob’s


seductive tigress

I have no nail art tools. Doing nail art would have been easier if I have them. But when I tried to purchase it online, I was stopped by my conscience – a mom. Lol! There are more things that are important than my hobby. So, what I did was I made my own tools out of the things that are just available around the house:

  • For intricate line work, build yourself a needlepoint tip. Stick a sewing needle into the end of any pencil with an eraser end.
  • Toothpicks. Be sure to purchase picks with flattened bases for an extra shape to play with!
  • Plastic straws are convenient for painting a thin, ringed outline onto our nail surfaces.
  • Use an old eyeliner brush for detailed brush strokes.
  • Old paint brush can also be used for making nail stripes. Just trim some of its hair until you get a thin brush.
  • Tip of a bobby pin or hair pin for making dots.
  • To create a smudging effect on nails, use the side of a make up sponge.
  • Cotton swab or cotton buds.
  • Eye shadow applicator.
  • Place scotch tape across nail to create a perfect French tip design.
  • Lip brushes.

Do it yourself. Instead of having these expensive sets:


various sizes of nail brush

nail dotting tools

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Weekly Writing Challenge: A Splash of Color


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