…as a jobseeker…

Your application to the “job” was declined.

Your application to the “job” was declined.

Your application to the “job” was declined.

Like any normal people, I get disappointed every time I receive this notification. It has been almost 2 months already since I left my previous job and became jobless. Actually, I am currently in search for a part-time job. As a mom at home, I am looking for a job online wherein I am compensated enough to support my family and of course, to pay off our debts especially our house mortgage while having more time to do my responsibilities.  My husband and I were in great struggle regarding to our monthly obligations.

We once experienced that we received a buy back of our house then followed by the disconnection of our  electric utility. And sometimes, life isn’t fair because it seems that bad things will come one after another. Huh! It was so depressing when a vehicular accident added up to our load of problems. What’s so hard to accept about it was our opponent is just a few blocks away from our home. Though the accident was our fault, they didn’t tried to give us some consideration and they even cheated. Well, what goes up will come down, what comes down will go up… I believe in that.

In difficult times, we know who among our friends are real. Some lend us money – it was a very big help. Friends, we will pay you back later. LOL. Some went to our house and accompanied me for the medical check-up as  my husband took care of our papers and reports. Thank you Daime. I can hardly walk because the motorcycle was above me during the accident and I was thrown to the sturdy road while securely hugging my 2-year-old kid. Praise God, none was seriously hurt. And to those who shared their time, ears  and shoulders in all my downtimes…thank you so much!

Going back to the job search… I have sent countless job applications before I voluntarily resigned. Days after, I came for interviews and exams. But  had negative results. There are some ironic situations too where I declined job offers due to some factors to consider. I never thought I could do such as that because I am the one looking for a job. Weeks after, I can’t go to job interviews if I had to commute for more than 3 rides just to reach the company. And the most important thing that holds me are my kids. No one can watch over them when I am not around. Being jobless also means staying at home and embracing the full time mom and housewife job position. I am now closer to my kids. I’ve trained Railey on how to become a big brother and responsible. I’ve watched Raine’s progress as she is turning 8 months now. I personally take care of the house and know what are those things that need to be done and supplied.

Because of this, I preferred online jobs or work from home. I know most moms are thinking of this too. Most of my friends who are mothers also like to have this kind of job. I had online article writing job before and the rate was very good. It helped us a lot in financial matters. Unfortunately, there are no current projects. But I am still waiting and hoping for positive results and good news to come.


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