customizing my old shirts

Due to financial shortcomings, I haven’t bought any new clothes to wear on some occasions. I don’t wanna ask money from my husband because even him has no new clothes, too. In fact he has 3 pants only…lol! Anyways, one time that I decided to clean up my closet, I noticed that I have plain shirts that I never wear. So I grabbed them out and customize them.

shirt to skirt

I turned this old plain black shirt into a mini skirt! Just cut off the sleeves then the bust area horizontally cut, used a garter for the waist, and did a little sewing.


Again, I was never satisfied with the plain look. So I added some star studs just above the hem to make it more hippie.

studsAnother studded design is this plain violet shirt. I cut off the sleeves again, but this time I didn’t cut the bust area. Instead, I put some heart studs on the neckline.

Whew! I now have a new pair of clothes to wear. 😉


What can you say?

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