A Hug Begets Hug

I miss this kind of challenge. I had fun participating on those previous weekly writing challenges and was surprised reading that this certain writing challenge is already on round two! Well, putting the being-missed-out feeling aside, here is my post answering to the challenge — A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words…


Seeing this picture made my heart feels moved. I am aware there are many possibilities of what’s really going on with the couple on this very emotional picture. They could be lovers having to leave each others’ side because of something that he or she had to come over, or worse, a situation that made them not being together. They could be reunited lovers after a long time away from each other. Perhaps, that hug is the last before one has to depart or the very first hug of having each other again.

It would be a cliché if I continue writing about lovers and all stuffs like that.  To deviate a bit, let me share with you my experience similar to this when one member of the family left for Japan – my sister Zcel.


My sister and her boyfriend Nelson – their last hug before my sis took her flight. But I’m not telling you about them.

I’ll share with you about our one and only brother – Jay-are. We are 5 siblings, 4 girls and a boy. Jay-are is the 4th. The only thorn among the lovely roses.


He may not tell us his true feelings at that time but we are aware by just looking at his tears. No matter how hard he tried to keep them from falling, he just can’t. He’s not much of a follower of “boys-don’t-cry” club. Zcel hugged her while he uttered, “tears of joy!” Jay-are, even at young age, is responsible and manly. He is brave and strong but when it comes to family matters, he becomes soft-hearted.

My sister is not leaving the family for good, of course. She passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test of their company. And she is training in Japan which is a requisite of their company too. Her hardwork has been finally paid off. We are happy and proud she made it. And we are excited of her homecoming soon. A reunion. A celebration.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words


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