No Other Woman

I am annoyed of how the Filipino movies came out in theatres these days. Most of the themes were adultery, showcasing the sexy bodies of the characters. Yes, along with movies are moral lessons, however, there are some that failed to convey the message. The audience just enjoyed every scene, especially those nasty bed scenes and torrid kissing, without digging deeper to learn from the story. It made me worried because media are great influencer.

Nevertheless, I want to share one Filipino movie about adultery. This is the only movie with this theme that I watched – No Other Woman. I ignored it at first because I don’t really have an interest but when a scene appeared on the screen, I stopped what I’m currently doing and focused on the movie. It was a fight scene – between the wife and the mistress. While watching, I screamed such that I supported the wife and prayed she will beat the mistress: “Go, go, go!” then “Scratch her face so your husband won’t get attracted to her anymore!” and “Punch hard and make that bitch swell!” Huh! As if the wife character could hear me. LOL! I was being carried away. My whole attention was drawn to the screen and didn’t notice that my husband was watching me and secretly laughed by the way I reacted to the movie. The moment I cried already in front of the television, he approached me and hugged me tight and said, “It’s just a movie, Ma.” Then he wiped my tears off.

The scene that made me cry was the very emotional conversation of husband and wife characters. The words they used were very heartbreaking, though they softly talked to each other. I cried because the housewife did everything to please her husband. Have you noticed? Most mistresses or illegal partners (duh!) seem to be more attractive, more seductive and think that they are better than the wives? I won’t agree with that! Just like the wife in the movie. She waived away her being conservative woman just to level the seductiveness of the mistress who happens to be the workmate of her husband. She did everything to save their marriage until she feels there’s nothing left to fight for. Then, crying moments until the movie ends. But I was glad of the ending. True love melts any pride. True love still wins. True love made the couple start over again.


That’s it! If I’m in the shoe of the wife, I will do the same thing again. But I never prayed of that to happen just to test if I could really do it for I don’t know if I can handle.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters


2 thoughts on “No Other Woman

  1. i’m notified of your blog and surprised after reading it coz right at this moment i’m writing my topic for my next post and it’s all about the movie Unfaithhful…in line with this month’s celebration of love…really amazing how our minds work or just a mere mental telephaty.

    • hahaha…wow! 😉
      at first, i also intend to post this in line with love month celebration but when i was notified that the weekly writing challenge is “Character”, i tagged DPchallenge.
      let me see your entry. i’m excited to read it too!

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