Day of Hearts

Valentines is not about merely having a luxurious date with your partner. It could be a perfect time for a meaningful heart to heart talk with someone dearest to you. Moments like that are already valuable especially to busy couples. There’s no need of going somewhere else. Staying at home playing with kids or eating dinner together with the whole family, staring at starry skies before sleeping, watching movies while laughing to scenes and talking things that seem to be out of topic. Anything could be done on Valentines Day as long as you enjoy the presence of each other.



Last night, while I was on my working shift trying to fight back sleep, I grabbed my favourite Faber Castell ballpen and sketched a woman (the one I posted in 14 Lines for 14th Day). It was nothing to me because it was just a sketch and I’m not so good at it. The following day, my husband said to me, “I never thought you could draw that well. It’s nice, Ma.”

So happy of the feedback! I was encouraged to recall my simple Visual Art skills way back high school…LOL… And I was inspired to draw another one for this post.

Happy Valentines Day! Love you all! Muwaah!

In respond to:

Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow


2 thoughts on “Day of Hearts

  1. i’m surprised on how good u r in sketching…my eldest son loves sketching and drawing but not as good as u r yet. 🙂 soon i’ll be posting some of his works…nice really.

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