Where’s Mom?

What a coincidence! In my already-one-month homebased job, I am dealing with Images vs Text situation everyday and this Weekly Writing Challenge is right for me.

And everyday, this is my routine. I am working while my 2 kids are playing behind my desk. Working at home is double the pressure – pressure from work and pressure from kids ( especially when I hear their cries…ugh!).

Well, I wanted to post my own artwork but for the meantime, I’ll borrow this image, for I am still an undergraduate of my self-tutoring on Photoshop… ๐Ÿ˜‰


If there’s someone there willing to help me give Photoshop Tutorials (for free), it would be a great pleasure! I’m so tired of watching the tutorial videos in youtube. I want something that is very step-by-step, teaching all the tools one-by-one, basic techniques to a pro! Thanks.

However, I am always using images on every post. I don’t consider myself as very good in writing, even in drawing, but I am so trying hard because this is what I like. I don’t care if colors and words don’t like me… I just love them! For me, this is a very nice challenge.ย As a single picture could say a thousand words, as well as, words could paint a thousand pictures.

And not to forget, I wanna share an image which for me is telling the truth. ๐Ÿ˜‰


By the way, is this an example of infographic?



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Weekly Writing Challenge:ย Images vs Text


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