First Light: The First Thought I had this Morning

One day, I woke up late in the morning. I took a bath, ate my brunch (breakfast and lunch), went back to bed and wrote articles for my home-based job. After a moment, I heard cries. Kids’ cries. Then suddenly, something from nowhere snapped a finger onto my mind and made me realize those were my kids’ cries. Out of sanity, I forgot I’m already a mom of two. Hahaha. Perhaps, it’s because I was stressed out or maybe a consequence of my dream last night.


I had a difficulty taking pictures of me as a single lady on Facebook. I notice I had none uploaded there. So I took a picture on one of my albums.

I dreamed of me as what I was before – a single lady, an employee of a printing company, a tenant of a room-for-rent just a walking distance from work, a student that took up BS of Information Technology at day and work at night. I was someone who could have all the time for fun and rest, and literally do and buy things I wanted. And for some reason, I dreamed that I bought a house of my own – the very same house we have now, only that I am not yet married then. So funny! But honestly, I am an excellent daydreamer, I think. I just close my eyes then I could do and have things I wish…in my dreams!

379187_4166660293875_243659527_n (1)

However, it’s already time for me to wake up from my luxurious dreams and face the reality. I’m already married for almost 4 years, a full time housewife and a mother of two hyper active kids – Railey and Raine. We have a 2-storey, 40 sq. m house by mortgage, not fully furnished and not yet fully paid. Though, I’m still happy and contented for we are living independently. It bothers me a lot living with in-laws, really.


We are currently residing in a townhouse subdivision, La Aldea del Rio. All units were bare until move in. The lot area is 40 sq. m. and the floor area is 45 sq. m. The house is small and cozy but we still feel blessed. This gives me a lot of challenge in interior designing and making the small space appear bigger. I did a lot of research already in space-saving furniture and ideas. I really love designing! If only financial budget is on our side, I could make my dream house into reality.

And oh, I love to hear my son saying, “Ma, nindot atong balay o!”



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3 thoughts on “First Light: The First Thought I had this Morning

  1. I also love interior designing, yet I still don’t own a house of my own where I can inject my ideas…you have a nice dream house come true…

  2. I actually have. When our house was renovated last 2008, the facade’s design was my idea including the windows and curtain wall-I desired to have even just one curtain wall where I can have a nice view outside. The interior design also speaks much of my idea, unluckily we ran out of budget and renovating has not done yet. 🙂
    As of the moment the interior design of my mom’s house speaks a lot of my kids’ ideas, actually it’s their mess that’s more visible than my designs. Hahaha! you know kids.

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