Just Kid-ding!

There are 26 letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them. Daily Prompt’s challenge was to choose a letter and write a blog post without using it. That would leave 25 letters already. And if trying to be brave, choose a vowel letter. Well, that’s hard! But here’s a post that uses only 24 letters in the alphabet. I haven’t used the letters Q and Z.

And hey, I am 25 years old now. Just saying, for Twenty Five’s sake! 😉

When I was a kid, I enjoyed playing and making little houses with my younger siblings, most significantly, to Weng, who is the first architect of Baldapan clan. We used chairs or tables to achieve a 2-storey house. We took empty small boxes as miniature tables and beds, and anything that seems fit to be used as mini furniture or aplliance in the little house. We collected characters from value meal toys of Jollibee and McDonalds and used them as residents or owners of the little house we built. We built, not just one but, more houses until our underground room was fully occupied and eventually formed a little neighborhood. The houses had no wall so we can pick and play with the characters around their houses and their neighborhood. Then, we tip toed while roaming or when going to the door after playing so as not to destroy the houses as we pass. Our mom would see it as a mess so we hid it by locking the room during and after playing. We didn’t want to clean it up so we can still play with them every chance we get. Such a beautiful childhood memory!


I was so happy when I saw the movie “Secret World of Arriety”. It reminds me of that childhood memory. Arriety, a tiny 14-year-old girl, lives secretly with her parents under the floorboards of a human house. This animated movie is based on a renowned children’s book of Mary Norton entitled “The Borrowers” which also came out in 1990’s as a live human action film. They called themselves as such because of the fact that they borrow everything they need from the human homeowners. This film depicts the adventurous life of Arriety such as running and hiding outside from their world. It is as if the images are real, too. Sound effects were too loud that it overruled the 3D visual effects! Also because of the background sound, together with the down-to-earth animation, you would feel as if something is pulling you towards the scene, making you part of the chasing and jumping like Arriety does and not just a viewer. It is also fun to watch how these little people use the human household materials in their daily living. Alike humans, they are very resourceful!

Nowadays, kids playing outdoors or any strenuous games even inside the house are rarely to be seen. Technology has brought too much influence for everyone, especially the kids. It introduces online games on gadgets that could make them enjoy while on the seats only. It saddened me, and most of the parents, witnessing a scene of kids busy pressing the keys in front of a screen while shouting for excitement. The scene could be more enjoyable and fun if they were running one after the other, hiding and seeking, chasing each other, sweating and staining their clothes and go home with a smell that can never be explained or distinguished. Hahaha.


But for some reason, the kind of play they have now gives the parents, even me, the peace of mind that they wouldn’t get hurt or a tendency to hurt anyone. Media has bad influences, too. The violent movies, animated or not, are easily absorbed by a kid’s fresh mind and we fear that they might do what they have seen. News that flashed about heinous crimes done by minors panic me.


Well, I’m just happy to have two kids. They have their fun while staying inside the house. I can watch them more closely and, in that way, they build a strong relationship of siblings. And I used to play with them, too!

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Daily Prompt: Twenty-five


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