Working Mom at 2 AM

Good to have this challenge! I am always awake at this very hour…two o’clock on the dot!

As a mom@home, I need to be with my kiddos all the time. But there are instances that I also need to assist my husband in making money to keep us going…and to keep our house as well. What I had in mind is an online job – homebased. I know I had mentioned about my homebased job on my previous posts. LOL. With it of course, I also considered that my kids are not sacrificed. Which only means, time management is my number one friend. I am happy that I had a boss that is understanding that he allowed me to adjust my time at home with my job. As a result, my working schedules are those times that I already finished feeding my kids, kids’ rest time, and of course at night, where they are already sound asleep. Coz those are the only times that we, mothers, are free.

So, 2 AM…and these are my photos:Photo1378E001




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Creative Writing Challenge: 2AM Photo

5 thoughts on “Working Mom at 2 AM

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    • Before, when my work schedule was so tight I woke at 2am and work till 10am, do mom duties then sleep after lunch till afternoon. But now, it’s easier. Thanks for asking. *smile*

      • Oh, wow. I still have my kiddos at home, and my husband doesn’t get home until later, so I wouldn’t be able to get in an afternoon sleep. I am always looking for new ideas for my work-at-home-mom schedule, though.

  2. I don’t have a nanny, my husband is an OFW so I’m left alone at home with 4 ang 6 yr old kids. Good thing my online employers are considerate of my sched as long as the task is done within the required time. Good luck on your work-at-home-mom journey, by the way. We can get through this! *wink*

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