weekend routine

Sundays are family days…and general cleaning days, and laundry days, and all sorts of household chores are done on these very days.

My clothesline is full! And can you imagine, we have no washing machine so I’ve done this all through my barehands…every weekends!


Of course, after emptying 2 laundry baskets (one for the dirty linens of my kids and one for my husband and my clothes), fold and arrange them neatly in the closet. FYI, my husband did the carpentry work of this closet. Simple, yet it serves the purpose.


And not to forget, “me-time”. I should also take care of my precious hands and my other designing surface – nails. LOL


5 thoughts on “weekend routine

  1. Same routine with me here except for the nail art which I envied a lot… 😉 wish I could be articulate as u are when it comes to that nail paint thing.

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