Best Hair Day!

Whew! I feel like I’m being back to being a teenager. Wearing my old college blouse. Transformed my hair the same way it was during college days.


Hair Rebonding Specialist: Ms. Luzviminda Wagwag

And oh! I like the way this rebonding specialist run her business. If you want to transform and style your hair, you only have to send her a message. I got her mobile number from workmates who are her regular customers, too. And when she replied to you, make sure you follow her instructions and directions on how to get to her salon. Oops! Not really a salon, by the way. No salon banners, no salon posters, no signboard with her salon’s name, and not obviously a salon when you enter. Because the only thing that will tell you its her location already is the big, orange letter B painted on one of the pillars of the house.  It is a house she rented for her family and her hair business.  You go upstairs to find her place, straight ahead to her living room and have your hair styled. You’ll see one salon chair, one washing couch at the wash area, and a one-wall mirror. The place is cozy, welcoming, simple yet gadgets are complete. Her hair treatments are not so cheap but of very best quality. She said, “I am after of the quality, not the price.” So product endorsers can’t force her to buy. She will try the products first on her hair and use them if the result is good. I got my hair rebonded for the constant price of Php 1500 only but the result is – I love it!  That’s the reason why her customers will keep coming back. She doesn’t advertise her service, she only relies on “word-of-mouth” and referrals only. This hair rebonding will take you 10 long hours or more but you don’t have to worry. You’ll never get bored because the television is always on which you can decide to turn on to other channels, magazines are available, plus the chatting you will have with her. She is so talkative and fun to be with. Another thing, meals and snacks will be served…free of charge! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Best Hair Day!

  1. I want to see this stylist of yours one of these days Ron. If 1500 is not a pain anymore for me to be only spent for hair upgrade. hehehe! Your advertisement is so tempting and convincing.

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