Beautiful Surprise

I woke up at 2am for my daily shift. A notification was sent to my email that I’ve been nominated in the Beautiful Blogger Award! Thank you Jannece, such a beautiful surprise! The feeling is so overwhelming! You guys check her blog site and you’ll find amazing thoughts of a mom.

Here’s my award…drum roll please…


By the power vested upon me, I nominate the following for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Hey, don’t forget to put the award on your page, okay?
1. Jannece – first on my list. A blogger, a mother, a wife, and a friend.
2. Zcel – my sister whom I got the inspirations for writing and fashion. Thanks for the make up kit!

3. Angeline – my sister who I think got the dreams that I wanted for myself: teacher and designer. So proud of her!

4. Vin – I wish I had the wonderful sets of apparel she featured. I know she’s choosy and I love her choices.
5. Courtney & Loren – fascinating sisters! Beautiful! I love the thought that sisters are always best friends.
6. Amber – I think we’re on the same page for nail art. Except for her outstanding Nail Polish House which I love the most.
7. Sylvie – her fashion secrets…revealed!

7 things about me. Hmm, I hope you won’t get bored. 🙂
1. Sky and Raine’s Mother

2. Nail Art and Scrapbook Designer

3. Dancer

4. Daydreamer

5. Online Freelancer

6. Wanna-be Writer

7. Simple Blogger



What can you say?

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