The Kids’ Wall

When we moved into this house, the unit is not furnished. No floor tiles, no paints, no ceiling, no bedrooms. Just bare. On the second floor of the house we built 2 bedrooms. The division wall is also bare. We didn’t paint it.

As I read this daily post, I feel excited! I know I could answer the daily prompt.

What do I display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? Photos, of course! And on the bedroom wall…


How do I choose what to display? I consider my kids interests. Railey, my boy, is now going 3 years old. So I’m preparing him for school. I am so happy while posting the pictures. He went upstairs and shouted the names of the animals while pointing at them. He recognized almost all of them.

There are 9 he couldn’t name:

–> square, triangle, rectangle, oblong

–> jackfruit, grapes

–> eagle, rabbit, turtle

He know animals already. We subscribed to Animal Planet and bought toy animals for him because we noticed he is so fond of them. His favorite – crocodile!!!


What mood am I trying to create? A happy home. A very first place of education. I want to make my kids learning with fun and love. They saw me manually posting the pictures. I don’t have a good height so they saw me striving hard to reach the higher part. Hehehe.


In respond to:

Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall


2 thoughts on “The Kids’ Wall

  1. As an excited 1st time mom, I also made like this for my son. Unfortunately, it’s rip off by my 2nd child. lol! So, I switched to flash cards instead.

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