Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday Happy birthday
Happy birthday to me


My 26th birthday! Thanks God for another year of my life!
For the food on the table, for the people who prepared them and for the visitors who came to celebrate with us.
Thanks a lot!

First week last month, my husband left for Riyadh. Blah blah blah…don’t wanna recall. Last week last month, it was his birthday. We celebrated even if he’s not around with us. I, with my sister-in-law, went to a nearest mall and stroll with kids. Railey enjoyed the Kid’s Ground and Raine got her ears pierced. We ordered a take-out lunch from Jollibee, bought flowers and a half-length cake. Went home and had a Skype video call with my dear husband. Some sort of happiness shared online…hahaha.

Today is my first ever birthday without him too! We now have our share of celebrating birthday without each other – say quits! LOL! I’m just lucky I am on the side where there is a family, while there, he only has the dessert…I mean the desert. Hahaha. I thank you Pa for the financial support. You sent your first and less-than-a-month salary for my birthday. Anyways, the years of your contract there is just a number so let’s just enjoy the moment now.


with my kids


Mama didn’t came so my brothers and sisters do the kitchen honors…hahaha


with my exclusive visitors – Creation Hero team!

The cake is worth slicing, the candles are worth blowing and the night is worth spending with family and friends so dear. Ooops! Even when special someone was not literally there, just the thought of him made my day special! Happy Birthday to us, Pa. Love you!

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