Constant Practice is All I Need

Mom Designs
I love designing! My friends know that I have this skills but I told them that I only use some images from the net and applied designs to make them customized. Or I designed my creation using another websites that offer templates. Even if my friends are aware of that so they can make something of their own, they still want me to do it for them. During high school years, we had a computer subject and Adobe Photoshop was one of our lessons. I know I could use this for designing but I couldn’t remember how to use it. At first I made use of what’s available and easier to use — mspaint, mspowerpoint, picturemanager — I combined them until I came up with a design template. But there are some that need enhancements so I requested my husband to do it for me before I submit it to my friends for printing. Here are some of my artwork:

eya bday tarp design copy Jaymee_rev09

Mostly, I designed for tarpaulin purposes. But there are some instances that my friends requested for a card or photo greeting only. Like these:

HQ-Wedding-Backgrounds (4) jendenz 377949_436319986420128_1301999079_n

Maybe it is time to refresh on Adobe Photoshop. It is more handy and tools are more efficient. My husband spent time for tutoring me. And this is my first product:


I know I need a little more practice. 😉



In respond to:

Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught!


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