Selfie Mode

I’m so amazed that my friend was in the television news for being selfie. That’s a social media trend now and I believe everybody knows it. His selfie mode is imitating a picture of a famous actor. Hmm, I can’t totally explain it but the caption was:

“Kung hindi mo makuha ng paharap, i-side view mo ang iyong pangarap.”

Check this link –

Well, I also want to make this post a selfie post too! LOL


dress-up meeting with high school classmates


summer beach bonding with family – farewell party for hubby


now, I’m a godmother too 🙂


tour guide – prep day


tour guide – day 1 – Bohol Country Side Tour


tour guide – day 2 – Panglao Island Tour


tour guide – day 3 – Danao Extreme Adventure Tour

20130714_072829mama’s full wall mirror…wanna dance zumba here!!!

In respond to:

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror


What can you say?

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