Baby One

I know I will have more posts coming about being a mom, a wife, and a blogger. For now, I would like to share my photos during my third successful pregnancy after 2 miscarriages.


I admit that after 2 miscarriages, I don’t want to get pregnant again. Those operations, check ups, injections – I feel like I’m dying!

I only told one workmate about this pregnancy because I feel ashamed. I’m thinking they might say, “Huh! She’s just young (21) and little and now she’s pregnant again!” Lol! But my husband doesn’t have that mindset. He really wants to have his own family and wanted to see his look-a-like, much more excited when the ultrasound result said – It’s a boy!

Baby Boy

I hope that when my son is old enough to read and understand, my blog would still exist. I have also made a traditional scrapbook for this and a blog site carrying his name – Josh Railey Cyrus. I posted there the letter I wrote for him.

In respond to:

Mommy and Daddy Bloggers Shoot the Poop: Part One

Josh Railey Cyrus


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