Baby Two

And now, here’s number 2.

Another confession to make, after Baby One, I’m not yet ready for another child. The reasons are: we don’t have our own house, I want to live separately with my own family, we have lots of loans, and Railey is still one year old – a baby too and still too young to become a big brother. Well, it’s all God’s plan.

I will still post my pregnancy photos here, the only difference is that, Baby One is already here.


26112011(001)2611201126112011(004)26112011(006)24112011(002)24112011 p2 p5 p4p6

I never told anyone again about this pregnancy. But my husband posted an ultrasound result to his Facebook. I felt very loved when I see warm responses and best wishes. My husband is planning to have 4 kids –this is too much for me! I disagree for 4! Lol!

2nd bby 3 months old

We were happy and much much more excited when the ultrasound result said – It’s a girl! We now have a pair, one for each! Thanks God for YOUR plan.


I am also hoping that when my daughter is old enough to read and understand, this blog would still exist and I would continue blogging. I have also made a traditional scrapbook for this and spare time to check her blog that I created for her  – Rianna Laine.

And oh! Railey’s birthday will be on the next 5 days!

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Mommy and Daddy Bloggers Shoot the Poop: Part Two

Rianna Laine


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