Life Lessons from Bees

Honestly, I am one of those individual bloggers that posts updates through pictures only and dive into research on a passionate subject from the “space-age technology called the Internet now” (a line from Sean of the movie Step Up Revolution…lol :-D). I used to have a combo: documenting my life with a combination of images and words – my online graphic diary, that is.

While searching for a quote about life, “life lessons from bees” prompted on my Google search box. I opened the links found and was amazed by the quotes or shall I say facts. I collected and extracted them and very pleased to share them here:

  • The honeybee colony is an example of the well ordered society.
  • Flower and bee is an example of a mutual relationship. For the bee, a flower is a fountain of life.
  • And to the flower, a bee is a messenger of love. And to both, bee and flower, the giving and the receiving of pleasure is a need and an ecstasy.
  • Honeybees have much to teach us when it comes to collective wisdom and effective decision making.
  • Bees are excellent communicators and always stay in touch with their hives and keep the entire group in the loop.
  • Bees are quick learners and observant in choosing the kind of flowers that give them good rewards.
  • Bees are team players; if an individual or a part of the group fails, other members make up of for it.
  • Bees stick to tasks assigned to them and complete them to the best of their abilities; male bees mate, house bees build hives, etc.
  • Bees make multi utility products; honey with numerous uses, and wax for cosmetics, etc.
  • Their hives are architects’ inspiration.
  • Bees are adaptable to change.
  • Bees are ever-evolving, kept on growing and working.
  • For bees, experience counts.
  • Bees have a strong leader – Queen.
  • Bees are known to have a strong sense of responsibility and strong work ethic.


Inspired by the Bees!


Bee Mine!

Do not allow anyone to bee-little yourself.

Bee-lieve in you!

In respond to:

Weekly Writing Challenge: Clicking Through the Pages


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