When I was still a YFC (Youth for Christ), we used to call our partners/lovers as GG (God’s Gift), and of course, we didn’t took our relationships for granted. Usually, our relationships would last for a year but not less than a month. We’re lucky to be guided especially that we had Love Forum every month of February. Respect and Faith go with love not just Company and Things.

Wedding season is over…or shall I say the month of June. LOL! Most ladies want to be a June Bride but it is a busy month. I mean the hotels, resorts, caterer, couturier and CHURCH. Luckily, I found a spot on the 7th. Yes, I’m a June Bride!

During our wedding, my father uttered a meaningful message to ponder for both of my husband. It was instilled in our hearts and minds that 4 T’s accompany marriage: Trust. Time, Talent and Treasure. These words are self-explanatory but if you want to go deeper for the vivid ones, invite me for a message to your wedding (hehehe)That’s true! Coz the time you’re blessed with vows of matrimony, you’ll feel all the spirit and all the people’s presence straight to your heart, not just mere excitement.

I really love weddings! It’s one of a lifetime event. Only one day but the preparation seems to be forever. LOL! I would love to attend all weddings if I could. And see how beautifully they arranged their flowers, made their gowns, chose their color motifs, decorated their cakes, crafted their giveaways and handling their invitations.

See some of these!


Genalyn and Julius – June 2011


Jen and Denz – September 2011


Mary and Mark – October 2012


Roselle and Tj – December 2012

I have also experienced some weddings that did not go well as planned. Well, it happens most of the time. Latecomers, rains during the ceremony, little flower girl or bearer running, crying or playing with the flower baskets or bible or the ring. FUNNY! 😀

Wedding is not perfect. Same goes with marriage. Ups and downs are on the way. But to keep your MARRIAGE forever, you must shield and protect it. And of course, LOVE it! It’s the only thing that keeps the flame of marriage alive.

Remember, LOVE doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be TRUE!

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One Topic, Three Takes: Weddings


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