Wanna Be…

A talent – no – Talents I would love to have are: baking and playing any instruments. J

Oh yeah, I can cook but not as excellent as my mother.  My mother is known as a party-maker in our place for she loves to host any family occasions in the house. She made the curtains all by herself as well. And she can bake but not so good. However, if only we have the gadgets, I know she could excel.

Just like me, I wanna bake cakes – for my kids’ and husband’s birthdays. The thought that I exert  effort in baking the birthday cake makes it special. And I want that to extend to my husband. I wish I could learn before he gets home. I know that would be a sweet thing to do.


I wanna bake a cake like this for my husband for he is a tech savvy!

I have a friend whose talent in baking was made into a very prosperous business. As a mom at home, I would like to have it too!

But of course, before learning it I have to purchase all the necessary tools. LOL!

I wanna play instruments too. I can play a flute but for a few songs only. I don’t like flute much, honestly. I end up catching my breath just before the song ended. Hahaha…and the saliva sometimes drip from the flute…gross!

My husband is learning guitar through YouTube. I don’t wanna play guitar but I would love to sing with him while he strums. We always do that before but my singing just sucks! Haha…another talent to learn.

The best instrument I love to learn to play is – PIANO! It’s like a royal talent. I can imagine a house with piano – so elite and extravagant! But, oh my, piano is just out of my budget! Guess I have to stick with baking. I can enjoy deliciouso moments with my loved ones and can earn money from it to support my family! xoxo

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Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect?


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