Me Time!

Last week, I planned to post a topic related to this for I was inspired by Home Alone. I found her blog when she commented on one of my posts.

Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?

If living with 2 little kids (1 and 3 year olds), I think there are always junks. Some of them are those that I don’t want to get rid of.


Last May 17, I went to my parents’ house with my kids for the thanksgiving celebration of my brother for passing the Registered Master Electrician on the next day. Since my husband left for Riyadh, my visit to my parents would usually take long. Unlike before, where we only spent 2-3 days due to our work schedules. I still have a job but it’s home-based so I can still work while staying there. My kids filled their empty big house with cries, laughter and also messed the almost-organized things there. LOL!

collage~ my kids with my father and sis ~

In the pics, Railey‘s favorite toy is my father’s car. Haha. He eats his meals there and go wherever my father goes, including going to work and fetching my mother and sis from work. And Raine‘s second mother is my youngest sister, Angeline. Hahaha.

Then, I went back to our own home last May 20 to prepare my things for the upcoming tour on 23rd to 25th which I will guide. My friend and her family will visit our town, Bohol, and I’ll be the tour guide – first time! And also get some additional things for my kids to be used for another days of stays.

I was HOME ALONE for 2 days.


I cleaned the house – totally! I rid off the cob-webs hanging with no worry that the dirt would fall on my kids’ eyes, and not anxious that the dust would make them cough. I also emptied 2 laundry baskets without my kids playing with the soap bubbles and water on the basin. I didn’t have to worry about what to eat on the next meal. I just bought ready-to-eat food that is enough for me to avoid spoiling them. I slept soundly. No cry woke me up. And I had enough strength to work on straight long hours with no distractions. My garden took my full attention. I went to church wearing a whole dress and high heels (not the usual pants) because there were no kids to chase after. LOL! From church, I went strolling, then went home. I found the house the same way I left it – CLEAN!

But silent and empty!

In respond to:

Daily Prompt: Clean House


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