Ravishing R

Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SYMMETRY.

R is the chosen letter, why?

Ronaleer, firstly, bears my blog name which is derived from

Rona Lee, my given name, and

Rogero, my husband’s surname.

Randomly chosen or not, but

R upholds most of our personalities, we brag!

Read through and let’s get to know…

Rogelio, as the trunk of the family tree, or

Roger, my father, is known by many.

Romanjar – uniquely combines the names of my kin:

Rona Lee, Ma. Zcel, Rowena, Jay-are and Angeline!

Rowena, though my 3rd sibling,

Respectfully seconded the R thing.

Reminiscing the past, I laugh.

Resty became my first boyfriend whom

Relationship just came to a quick end.

Robert, not the next in line, but was also my lover.

Recalled the names, but the feelings I don’t remember.

Route back to being a mom…

Recognize my precious kids’ R names with glam.

Railey goes about being a baby big brother to

Rianna, our cute little girl!

Railey’s some stuffs are mentioned below:

Race car? Lightning McQueen is first in the row.

Replayed those movies “Cars” every now and then, yikes!

Roary is the 2nd racing car that he also likes;

Roar is his favorite animal sound, and he

Roars like a lion when he’s mad, but I

Relish his hug every time he’s glad!

Raine, same as her big bro,

Restlessly play and giggle too!

Roaming around the house as her pastime,

Running after lizards for quite some time.

Roaches, even just a thought, I already flinched

Raine also don’t want to go near even a single inch!

Rejoiced I am when they’re happy!

Rattled mom if I see them in misery.

Relieved when I know they’re okay,

Radiant glow of their faces makes me very well, and so

Ronaleer will have something in blog to tell.

In respond to:

Daily Prompt: Fearful Symmetry


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