I’m an Addict

I think I am an addict now. Every after or day after doing my laundry, my mind wanders. Not as a mom at home but an addict to nail art. What’s the next design? What colors to use? What design to make that will utilize only the colors I have? Is it for short or long nails? These are the questions that linger in my mind until I decide on a design.

One day, I went shopping for groceries. Questions above were still unanswered. Moments passed by, I went to the fruit stand. I always buy apples and orange for my kids. Apples are Railey’s favorite. Then, my eyes were drawn to the big, round watermelon lying splendidly at the topmost layer of the fruit stand. I feel like thirsty and sip the water from it. Then I checked the price. OMG! It’s not so expensive but it’s really out of my budget. So I went home without the watermelon. It didn’t get out of my mind until I arrived home. And poof! I make it a subject for my nail art design. See, how stupid and crazy I am. Hahaha!


Sometimes I’m worried for my time is fully consumed when I’m starting the nail art design. And when the nails are done, I can’t do my mom-at-home daily routine – gardening. I got worried that the colors may peel off. I kept looking at them every time I’m doing something. Lol!

However, being a mom at home, I consider this as a treat or care for myself. I love tapping the keys on my laptop during my work when I see my nails. It’s a challenge too! My hand pulse got tamed during nail art process, most particularly when doing the design on my left hand.

At the very end, I feel great!

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Daily Prompt: Can’t Get Enough


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