Bohol Today

I can’t totally express my sentiments. I’m still in the stage of denying of what really happened to my hometown. I don’t want to believe.

I know pictures could say a lot of words, so here they are… 😦


Survivors of the 7.2 Magnitude earthquake that hit Bohol last Tuesday seek shelter under the improvised tents in front of the crushed Our Lady of Light Church in Loon, Bohol. In front of the rubble of the church is an improvised altar with a lone statue of the Virgin Mary, where teary residents stop by to make the sign of the cross. This church is only one of the hundred years old churches that are damaged.


These youths are trying to make their phone lines always open and charged to communicate to families and friends asking for help and updates. I don’t know how they did it since the electricity was out.


Patients were evacuated from hospitals and continue their treatments outside the buildings. A nurse or 2 assisted one patient – hold the patient and the dextrose up, push the bed, etc.


Additional hundreds of injured survivors rest in temporary shelter in the parking lot of a government hospital in Tagbilaran City, Bohol.


I can’t just imagine how the hospital associates managed to evacuate the patients, especially the newly born babies and those patients under ICU. God really saves the babies! There were 5 mothers in Calape, Bohol who gave birth moments after the 7.2 earthquake. They could only recall the staff’s words while delivering the babies, “Push and pray!” There are mothers asking milk for their infants, they said even a Bear Brand is enough for them.


Boholanos are forced to ride a boat to cross the Abatan River in Maribojoc, Bohol. Most roads and bridges are not passable and reliefs could not easily reach the victims. The Port of Tagbilaran was also damaged. During the trembling, water sprouted from the pier’s pavements and covered railings were disengaged.


One example of having the spirit of bayanihan. Students, teachers, government and non-government officials go hand in hand in repacking the goods at Bohol Cultural Center. Yet, these bags can’t supply all the victims. Bohol is in the state of calamity, no electicity, landslides and aftershocks are still encountered, and death toll could possibly arise.


It’s a sad scene that whenever a vehicle passes by an affected town, people at the roadside are screaming for water clanging their empty bottles.

Bohol, my hometown, who is known for Chocolate Hills and the home for Tarsiers is knocking at your hearts calling for help. One cup of rice and a bottle of water could really make a difference.

*** Photos were taken from the net. No copyright infringement intended. This is only to inform family and friends all over the world. ***


4 thoughts on “Bohol Today

    • Thank you…By the way, the pictures are not mine. I just got them from the internet with the intention of letting Boholanos outside the country know about the current situation of Bohol. We all need your help, especially prayers.

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