The Mom@Home Show

Hey people, you are currently on a blog which is not so awesome but is straight from the heart. Each and every post is filled with real life stories and emotions are attached to it.

There are many various reasons why I blog. And that’s why I chose this blog name:

Ronaleer – my first name and surname’s first letter

Random thoughts of a mom@home – which is true because as a stay at home mom, thoughts on things just come. I incorporated the symbol “@” to make it appear techy or online.

When I started this blog, the main purpose was to create a blog for being a mother and wife and blog about husband and kids only. I resigned from my previous job and I was partly worried about that. Things I worried about were enumerated HERE. So I created a blog to deviate my attention and enjoy being at home. At first, the blog name was “just my thoughts” then “the scribbler” because I just want to write. Eventually, I came to know about The Daily Post. I realized that I can blog anything while sharing about being a stay at home mom. It’s all up to me.


– Harley Davidson  –

I am a very emotional person and that led me to think randomly. I have my own thoughts which I share here and I am always open minded. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Late? Yes, I always make my blog posts late at night in between my online job working hours to stay stress-free. You can do the same.

What can you get from this blog:

The wonders of being a mom at home

DIY Projects at home

Nail Art designs

Scrapbooking ideas

And blogs about my husband and kids’ milestone – their pictures with their blog links on the sidebar –>

And some other stuffsrandom thoughtsthat’s what it is!

Hope to have you here next time soon…Keep blogging everyone!

In response to:

Daily Prompt: As Seen on TV


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