Start of Something New

Touchdown Bohol!

I would love to share here my experience about visiting Bohol for the first time since earthquake had invaded. And this is also the first time in my whole life to experience a strong earthquake like this – 7.2 Magnitude!

Still on board and meters away from the Tagbilaran port, I can see the other towns of Bohol being affected by the earthquake, especially Loon and Maribojoc which were greatly damaged and had many casualties. The sea was like being dried, meaning its water was approximately 1 kilometer away from the original shore. Scenes of mountains being ripped apart were also visible.

Passengers on their beds got up to see the dramatic views. Some went to the side railings to take a closer look, some took pictures, etc. The ship was very noisy due to stories about the earthquake in Bohol. And the sense of sadness fills the air.

Another sad welcome of our arrival. At the Tagbilaran port, dust and mud were all over the place. Because during the earthquake, seawater sprouted from below. The terminal is not functioning too due to major cracks in the building.

On our way home, we passed by houses and establishment shattered due to the earthquake.

At home, so happy to see our house very okay. Though there were cracks, it looks fine because my father automatically repaired any damages. And now the house is painted – first time to see our house painted. Color is green, the color of hope!

And now to start something new, my siblings and I do our part as our parents had shared relief to other victims already.

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Live. praise God for today
Love. share your blessings
Laugh. inspire others

I posted these pictures here to show everyone that we can give even how small we have because others have totally nothing.

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