First Time Strolling

I usually pay my dues online, except for water and electric bills. Not only to save time and effort, but as a mom at home, I’m just bothered thinking that I have to leave one of my kids behind. For the electric bill, I have to pay at its company while I pay the water bill at any banks over the counter or malls with a Bills Payments center.

I used to bring along Railey to make my sister-in-law focus on watching over my daughter, Raine, who is just 1 year old and needs more attention than Railey. And I don’t have to carry Railey cause he can walk already and easy to be told what to or not to do.


I found him funny at that moment. He’s like so true, a man holding the bill as if reading it. To think the bill is held upside down.

I decided to bring her and left Railey at home. Railey understood that baby Raine’s always left. And he was too overwhelmed by the cartoon movies and hammock – solo use.

If before it’s only Railey who come and go to Gaisano Mall, this time, it’s baby Raine! My daughter is so happy! She sang while riding on the way to our day’s destination. She even screamed with excitement upon seeing many cars and people around.


We went to places of the mall where Railey usually goes. I realize they have the same favorite part of the mall – the foyer with dolphin fountain. The only difference is that Christmas ornaments are everywhere.


At the near entrance, my daughter ran to the jewelry stalls. I thought “mother and daughter alike” cause I love fashion jewelries. But eventually, I realize it’s not the jewelry she wants, but the beads. My daughter likes to play ball and she thought those beads are the same as the balls that she used to play with her big brother. We had a mother-and-daughter moment! My daughter loves mirrors too and get amazed with her own reflection. I guess every kid does.


We went to Kids’ Section. Beforehand, I planned to buy a backpack for my daughter so she will not grab the Spidey backpack of her big brother which usually cause them to have trouble. I bought a strawberry bag to match her red outfit and red shoes. It’s so girly! Then adjacent to the Kids’ Section is the School Supplies Section where Faber Castell put a booth for kids – coloring time! My daughter grabbed the color pencils as if she owns them. Then she put them back to the canister when she felt bored.


The place where we lingered much is the stuffed toys’ display. She picked them one by one while shouting “teddy nako!” hugging them tightly. My kids love teddies so much. They can’t sleep without them. Almost half of our bed is occupied by the stuffed toys only.


Before going home, the mother and daughter took a heavy snack. I felt hungry carrying her. I have to carry her at some time cause she still can’t pace with me. 🙂

Rianna Laine


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