Keeping my Kids’ White Clothes White

Doing the laundry is not an easy task, as always, for a mom at home like me. What makes it more stressful to me is that I don’t have a washing machine. I have to work hard for it. Lol! Another pain in the butt is washing the whites. It would be fine if those were my clothes only, but not. Those are my kids’ white clothes with a variety of stains. Ugh!  If they’re not washed right, you would see grays or yellows not whites. Lol!

Making your white clothes clean is easy. But keeping them whiter than ever or brighter is a different quest.  Here’s how I do the task. Another 5S for a mom at home. Lol!

  1. Sort. Separate white clothes from dark before doing the laundry. Washing them together may lead to color transfers. The dark ones will have white spots while the white clothes will acquire the colors from other clothes. Top colors that are most likely to transfer colors are dark red, brown and navy blue.
  2. Stain treatment prior washing. Fill the basin with cold water and soak the white clothes. This will lift or loosen the stains out from your whites.  Hot water can set the stains back.
  3. Stain removal. Use bleach and detergent to do this process. Choose the type or brand that is gentle to your hands – and also nose. For sure, you don’t want to have headaches due to the strong smell while washing your white clothes. There are many alternative stain removers such as lemon, vinegar, baking soda, thinner, etc. I have tried only a couple from those and they worked!
  4. Soak. After removing the stains, put the white clothes into a basin half-full with water. Do not rinse yet. Add a whitener or softener to brighten the whites. As a Filipino mom at home, I use the traditional way. I apply any blue soap like Perla, Cathy or Wheel to them and soak them under the sunlight. Heat can set those helpful components into the white clothes, thus making them brightly white. Then, rinse three times with clean water.

2013-11-20 09.30.06

5. Sunlight. Hang washed white clothes under the bright sun to dry. Not exposing to light can make them appear dull.


You may ask why I chose white clothes for my kids if those are hard to maintain. Well, as a mom at home, I know that kids are always hyperactive and curious. They don’t care if what they’re playing is dirty as long as they learn and enjoy. Because of that, I do not want them to stop exploring just because I’m worried about the stains. Another reason is that, white clothes are recommended by pediatricians for kids and babies. In that way, insects or any foreign objects are easily seen and keeping our kids safe.


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