For Kids’ Safety

I started feeling unsafe for my kids when my husband left for Riyadh. I can’t afford to have emergencies at home when I know it’s only me who will cater all those. My two kids are very hyperactive, as usual, and I am not available all the time to watch over them. I have a sister-in-law at home but she’s not that keen to my kids. If not busy in the kitchen, she’s focused on the television. So I do some mom’s safety check at home and see what are those things that could possibly hurt them.

I sorted out all the toys. They received a gift from their Aunt Zcel, building blocks. They were made of hard wood and I know kids are fond of throwing stuff at each other without knowing its effect, so I set them aside for now. Kids can still enjoy other toys while being safe.

Out of curiosity, kids tend to destroy things. Take off wheels from cars, pull robot legs, or just simply break them. As a result, toys with sharp edges are everywhere. They might step on it or pick it and dash to someone. Accidents are prone to happen, even at home. Right, moms? To avoid these, I simply collect them and deposit into a trash bin without them seeing me do it. If they do, they’ll get them back from the dirty bin or whine with never-ending loud cries. Huh!

Our house has French windows. Kids can easily open them, and once, I saw my youngest girl opened one of them and put her legs out. Her whole body can fit out from that window. It’s okay if it was in the living room on the lower ground, but not! It’s in our bedroom from the second storey of our house! I was alarmed! What if no one sees her, oh my God! So I planned on putting window grills but that would cost me a lot. What I did, I hired someone to weld few bars across the windows just enough to keep my kids’ body from sticking out. Relieved that kids are now safe!

2013-11-29 06.59.10

My kids are getting more clever. When they see me sleeping, they’ll sneak out and play outside. Their usual form of playing is just running and I’m worried that they might tip over or bump other kids and stumble. I know it’s normal but I want to be there when they play. And sometimes, rain or shine, they would insist on going out. Our house has no gate yet, so I put a fence at the door with a lock to stop them from sneaking out without my knowledge. Sometimes, it looks like a balluster in a mini terrace or porch. Lol! Anyways, I know they’re safer inside the house.

2013-11-29 07.13.27

While kids stay inside the house, they still can’t resist being playfully active. They would run around the house uncontrollably. They might hit the tables or any other hard objects and receive a swollen head or bruise. Kids don’t care about that but as a mom at home I’m too anxious. I rearranged my living room for my kids’ safety. Furnitures were arranged in a style where I leave out a big space for them to run around. In addition to that is something that could prevent from hitting their heads on the floor in case they fall over such as puzzle mats and a foam bed. Puzzle mats are another stuff they could play with while learning shapes. When they’re tired, they could just lie and rest on the foam bed.

2013-11-29 07.11.51

Their favorite spot is the stairs. They love climbing up and down. Another safety issue for a mom at home. Whew! Kidding aside but my solution to this is funny. I know they’re afraid of frogs, lizards, spiders but I couldn’t get a live one. I only took a dried leaf that’s in a curling shape. It looks like a frog. Haha! I placed it at the very first step of the stair. Light wind could make it look like it’s moving, another fear factor for my kids. That way they won’t go near the stair. Kids’ safety problem solved!

There are many safety tips for kids but it depends on the scenario in the house. Moms at home just have to be keen on that.



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