Plain to Vain Dress

I spotted a blouse from my daughter’s drawer. She wears it like a dress for it’s still long for her body to be a blouse. The blouse is a plain, pink sleeveless – no designs or ruffles, whatsoever – just plain in style! Once, I added a colored belt to her outfit but she kept on tugging it until she eventually took it off. An idea came to my mind how to make it better.

Here’s what I did:

  • 150 chain stitch

You can make as many chain stitch you want as long as it can accommodate the design you want. For beginners, follow the following steps to make the chain stitch:

Form a slip knot. While the hook is still inside the slip knot, yarn over from back to front. Pull the hook, carrying the strand of yarn, through the loop on your hook. That completes one chain stitch. Repeat this process until you get the desired number of chains.


  • Treble Crochet

Here’s a simple tutorial for this pattern:

Yarn over 2 times which will make 3 loops on your hook. Insert the hook into the fifth chain stitch. Yarn over once and grab the hook with the strand of yarn through 2 loops on your hook. Next, yarn over once again and pull it through the remaining 2 loops. Repeat the same process until only one loop is left to complete the treble crochet pattern. Follow the steps repeatedly to the remaining chain stitches.

  • Form a word using the crochet stitches. I formed Raine, derived from my daughter’s name, Rianna Laine and sew it on the shirt.


  • I added some embellishments to make it look childish. I got one of her ponytails’ emblem and a red bead.



My little fashion model – vain in her new styled dress.

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