Space-saving Ideas

The house we got is a 40 sq. m. lot area with a floor area of 44 sq. m. It’s not big but enough for a single family. This is not my dream house but I am happy when we moved in. We can call it our own, not living with in-laws or renting. My husband and I did a lot of work to maximize its space. We can’t renovate the house yet for it is not fully paid as of the moment.

Since we are deprived of a big space, here are the things we did to save some area of the house:

Hanging closet in the bedroom

2013-11-29 07.07.14

You could still put a bed or shoe rack or another cabinet beneath it. So there’s multiple storage in one area of the room.

Master’s bed with under storage drawers

2013-11-29 07.01.23

The length of the bed fits with the width of the room. Only one side of the bed has drawers which contain bed sheets, extra pillows  and sleeping mats.

Double-bunk bed with under storage drawers

2013-11-29 07.04.52

The other room has smaller space so a double deck or bunk bed suits right. Also, under storage drawers are built in.

Hanging cupboards in the kitchen


No need for a longer or wider kitchen area to keep the utensils. All the necessary things will be within reach while doing the cooking when you put a hanging cupboard above the sink or counters.

Bookshelf under working table
2013-11-29 09.44.02

Spaces under tables are usually lame. The one I’m using for work now is our old dining table. No budget for making drawers in it and I’m not planning to make it. Lol! Instead, I will give it to my husband’s friend when I can buy a new computer table. For now, an extra side table is placed underneath which serves as a mini bookshelf. My husband built this two and the new dining table as well.

Toys storage under stairs

2013-11-29 11.02.36

I’ve reblogged a post about ultimate space-saving ideas for spaces under the stairs. For now, I could not do one of them. I might make it as a cabinet for my kids’ stuff.

Having an organized home make a daily househould routine easier. Day after day, kids will get used to it and they’ll eventually learn how to be organized in some way.


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