Reuse Empty Milk Boxes

For a mom at home with 2 kids, empty milk boxes is a monthly scene to deal with. I used to make them as toys for my kids. They are happy when collect their little toys and put them inside the empty milk boxes then pour them out then put them in again. Sometimes they sit on it or make them as building blocks and eventually tearing them. As a result, the boxes became pieces of torn paper littered around the room. Whew!

2013-12-05 06.47.29

If my shoeboxes before were made into desk organizer, these empty milk boxes will be used for my another DIY project – reuse as a file organizer!

  1. To start with, I cut all the flaps.
  2. Put one box over another to create layers then staple to keep them intact while doing the next processes.
  3. Cover it with a wallpaper. Choose a design that you like best.
  4. Tape the edges with a magnetic or electrical tape. This is to give a finished look and also to hold the layers in between. I chose black to match the wallpaper design.
  5. Cover with a plastic or a cellophane cover to keep it from being easily damaged by wet surfaces and dust can be easily wiped off.

2013-12-05 07.57.30

Here it is! My DIY file organizer has 5 layers: one layer each intended for corresponding house utility bills – water, electric, internet, phone, and cable television.

Milk boxes come in different sizes. If you have these kind of box, another DIY project can be done too. This is an easier and quicker DIY.

2013-12-05 06.32.47

  1. Again, cut all the flaps of the empty milk box.
  2. Choose a wallpaper design and cover the whole box.
  3. Bear holes on both ends of the box by using a two-hole puncher to create them uniformly.
  4. Attach ribbons as handles. I used a ribbon from the Red Ribbon cake.

2013-12-15 05.42.36

Now, you’ve got a new gift bag! This is very useful this season. You have 2 options: you can just reuse the empty milk boxes as your gift containers and cover with gift wrappers immediately or make an artistic gift bag like this.

Merry Christmas!!!


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Daily Prompt: Necessity is the Mother of Invention


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