Mom’s Christmas Tree Evolution!

Every yearend gathering, it’s the Christmas tree that is most anticipated. Every time I am coming home I am wondering how my Mama decorates the tree this year.

As far as I could recall, our first family Christmas tree was a dried tree with its barks peeled off then wrapped with cottons all over, ornamented with colorful tinsels, balls and lights. The tree in the picture is not ours but our Christmas tree before was very similar to this. However, we chose a tree with many branches where we hang the ornaments. We had this kind of Christmas tree for about 2-3 years with matching cardboard belen under or beside it. Then we threw it after the season then get another tree on the next year.


Then, another tree I saw in the house was an aluminum Christmas tree. We didn’t threw one each year anymore coz it was flexible and can be kept inside a box. The image is just for a representation purpose but it really looks exactly the same as our Christmas tree those days.


2007 Christmas Tree

This is the first time Mama bought a Christmas tree from a mall that we like – 3 feet tall. Its green twigs and branches are the same with the Christmas trees that we saw on televisions. Funny but we thought it’s a wish come true to have a Christmas tree like this! My Mama cut red cloths and tied them with golden thin lace to form red ribbons to decorate the Christmas tree. She then added Christmas lights, balls, empty gift boxes, gift cards and beads. Due to budget constraint, everything was DIY.


2008 Christmas Tree

We used the same Christmas tree as last year but in different motif. My Mama decorated it with blue tinsels and Santa hat as shown in the pic and belen wallpaper as the backdrop.


2009 & 2010 Christmas Tree

The same Christmas tree again but with White Christmas theme. I decorated it last 2009 with long uncoiled white tinsels like in the picture – just flowing all over the tree, white balls and white lights.


The next year, my sister, Zcel used the same white theme but added some candies hanging. I don’t know who took or if we have a picture of that Christmas tree. We also didn’t know Facebook and blogging yet.

2011 Christmas Tree

New Christmas tree – 5 feet tall! My Mama didn’t decorate it. She just displayed it the same way it was displayed at the mall where she bought it. We thought it’s funny, in fact, my cousin (in 2008 Christmas tree picture) even described it as a tree of toilet brushes. LOL! But I found it unique and nice.


2012 Christmas Tree

I think Mama added some ornaments on the same Christmas tree this time so no one would describe it as a tree of toilet brushes anymore. Lol! A belen was added too, but this time, my mother used figurines for the characters. She opted for a Yellow Christmas theme. A DIY yellow flower made of cloth coiled around and 3 DIY Christmas balls made of translucent plastic folders joined together. And one of them was lighted. Those 3 Christmas balls were DIY projects of my sister, Angeline. I’ll tell her to post a blog on how she did those.


2013 Christmas Tree

And here’s today! Blue Christmas! Angeline bought a whole new Christmas tree! It’s very tall and it reaches the ceiling of our living room, 12 feet I think. Added were blue poinsettias, blue ribbon, blue balls, blue bells, blue lights and the same figurine belen beside it.


This is very far to the Christmas tree I have at home. I only have a 2 feet tree and used the same decoration last year. Lol! But I’m planning to buy a big white Christmas tree next year and hang angels, snowflakes and sugarcane to fulfill my dream of a White Christmas. So excited!!!

And I also believed that how you decorate the Christmas tree reflects someone’s personality or the family’s characteristics. And I want to convey PEACE!

Happy holidays! 🙂


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