Lamps using Plastic Folders

As I promised to share how those Christmas balls were done. 🙂


As an Industrial Designer student before, we were given a project about lamps and one of them is reusing plastic folders. See details below.


Beforehand, here’s a little fact about this project.  This is originally done by a Danish designer Holger Strøm in 1973 from the firm Iqlight.

First, you need sheets of translucent plastic folders. Make sure that they allow light to pass through. You can choose any colors. Then, trace the shape below.



The shape of your lamp shade will depend on the number of shaped sheets you have. What makes it more amazing is that you could create at least 132 different lamps in 6 various sizes as shown in Iqlight.  You just have to play with your imagination and skills.

Connect the pieces together by joining the curve ends.

This is originally designed as a lighting system so prepare a lamp fixture – socket…

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