Christmas Won’t Be The Same Without You

Yuletide season is here!
Most moms at home are decorating Christmas ornaments already. You may think it’s too early but in Filipino traditions – once the month ends in “ber” namely September, October, November and finally December; Christmas spirit is already in the air. Christmas songs echo in the neigborhood at day and children’s carols at night. In addition to that, colorful twinkling lights are abundant out in the streets and houses. I remember being a child during our Christmas caroling, that we would sing many beautiful songs if the house is full of Christmas lights thinking that they would give a bigger amount than the usual coins. Lol! Oftentimes, it worked!

Another thing about Christmas is the cold season. I mean, it doesn’t snow here in Philipines but we just feel the cold wind. That’s how the song Malamig ang Simoy ng Hangin was composed, if you’re familiar with that. This is one main reason why our loved ones from abroad would race to airports and get a flight to be with the family. And if you just broke up with your lover before the season, you’d hear people say, “malamig ang pasko mo ngayon” for it’s cold but you’ve got no one to hug so tight or someone to give you warmth. Hehe.

And I am one of those having cold Christmas now. My husband can’t go home yet due to his contract in Riyadh.If last year was the first Christmas we spent in our own house,then this would be the first Christmas we’re not together.

Pa, let’s just sing songs together while on Skype like we always do everyday since you left. Let’s still keep the spirit of Christmas and never allow distance be a hindrance. Miles and years are just numbers. Like the song you sang to me, days before you left, “What matters most is that we love at all.”

It’s your days off on Noche Buena and Media Noche so let’s celebrate together as if you’re just here. Let me know if you’ll cook spaghetti and other non-cooking desserts, I’m just here. Hehe.
Really, Christmas won’t be the same without you, but this is sacrifice – for our family! I love you.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Won’t Be The Same Without You

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