How to Hold the Beddings in Place

We all know kids love to play and jump on beds before and after bedtime. As a result, beddings may slip out from its place and eventually leave the bed uncovered. This is a common issue for moms at home with super active kids. Lol! We don’t have all the time fix it up and can’t stop the kids from their enjoyment. Luckily, I found a solution, which I’ve been doing for 3 years already. I’ll share it with you.

After the bedding is placed, turn the bed upside down or let it lean on the wall with its back side facing you or just flip a portion of it. You’ll find loose ends of the bedcover, usually 2 sides from diagonal angles, or if the sheet is too large for the bed then it will be 4 sides with loose ends. So, knot them individually until you see the bedding is tightened enough.


In addition, I bought a bedsheet strap from a local mall. It costs me 49 pesos only for 2 pairs. I bought 4 pairs for our 2 family size beds at home.


Attach the strap to 2 adjacent hems of the bed cover. Adjust it so it won’t be too close to the know so a bigger portion of the bedding is tightened and secured.


Simple as that! The bedding is held in place and won’t be easily removed from the bed no matter how grave the kids are playing and jumping on it. No messy beds and no worries for moms anymore. The kids are safe during the playtime for the tendency of tripping over the removed beddings is solved too!



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