Cebu’s New Pier 1

Holiday season is almost over but the busy passengers and travelers are gradually out of sight. So I had the chance to roam around the passenger’s terminal – Pier 1. There are many docking stations here in Cebu but I’m usually at Pier 1 if bound to Tagbilaran City and Pier 3 if I’m going to Bohol via Tubigon and vice versas.

This year, Piers 1 and 3 were renovated. They’re now in their new shapes – new building, new services and new fees! Before, it’s only 10 pesos for terminal fee, but now, it costs me 25 pesos. However, I think it’s fine for I know the proceeds will be for the maintenance.

Here are the pictures I took at the new Pier 1.

First, there are pushcarts available for passengers with many baggages. They’re free and anyone can use them from the main entrance up to the waiting area then return it back to the main entrance so that other passengers coming in may use the pushcarts. No more porters which are very costly. I hired one of them once to carry my 6 boxes of relief goods for Bohol and I was charged of 150 pesos.


Upon entering the waiting area, you are welcomed with an elegant ambiance. As you see, the whole place is like an arrival or departure area of an airport. We’ve got new chairs, unlike the plastic long benches we had before. At the middle part is a round desk where security and customer service agents are stationed. Above is a coffee shop where most foreign tourists are seen.


I’m impressed with its very clean surroundings. The janitors are very serious in their task to keep the place tidy. Also, you can ask favors from them to take pictures of you or your group which you can then share to any social media sites. Speaking of internet, the entire zone is supported with a free wireless connection so you can enjoy surfing while waiting for your trip. No worries if your phone, laptop, ipad or any techy gadget is running out of power for Pier 1 has 2 cellphone charging stations.


In relation to cleanliness, this is the first time I saw a very public comfort room where there is a water spray or washer in every cubicle. Lol! Sorry fellow Filipinos but I admit that this kind of amenity in public toilets is very rare. Way to go Cebu!


When you’re travelling with kids, you can keep them from boredom by letting them play and enjoy at the Kid’s Corner. Beside it are 3 service stations for the passengers: for breastfeeding, for first aid and for meditation.

20131222_154951 20131222_154932

The new Pier 1 was done days after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake and super typhoon Yolanda hit the region. It’s definitely a sign of rising again and moving forward. Good job Cebu!



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