Kung Hei Fat Choi! Did I spell it right?

I’m not Chinese but I have “Lee” in my name. My parents gave it to just for the sake of combining my parents’ name. I’ve posted a blog about this. Read more…

I’m not Chinese but we took some pieces of Feng Shui advices especially with regards to the house interior designs. Here are some tips my father did:

Choose house exterior color that blends with nature to have good and balanced relationship with outside elements as well as the neighborhood. My parents chose white and green.


Create a strong front door. Our main door, also known as mouth of Chi or energy is facing the East to attract stronger and better quality of energy for those who live in the house.

Put a Zen garden around the house and add water feature to provide beauty, joy, healing and abundance energies. Even if Feng Shui will not give this tip, my mom would still put a garden. She loves different kinds of plants. My dad adds a fishpond too to boost the energy and beauty we’ll receive. Also put some rock formation to create solid and strong chi.



We follow the right alignment of our doors and windows too to create balanced and harmonious flow of energy in the home.

Front door should not be directly aligned with the back door so that energy and blessings will not just easily leave through the back door without having the chance to fill and nourish the home.

Two doors or windows facing each other should not be directly aligned to prevent from creating a rushing or weak energy.

Doors and windows are called the eyes of the home which let positive energy in. They should have spaces around them to avoid chaos and conflicts within the family.

Staircases are called the conduits of chi in the home. They distribute good fortune from one level to the next level. The top and bottom of staircases should never face the main door and toilet to prevent positive energy from draining away. Avoid locating it in the center of the home for it can cause split in the family or loss of wealth and good opportunities.

And the most common superstition that exists is the Oro, Plata, Mata which means Gold, Silver, Death. This is a chant used to count the steps and determine if the stairs in the house is good or bad. The steps should start and end with either Oro or Plata and never with Mata.

For me, these tips not only draw positive energy into the home but also improve in decorating the house and lighten the ambiance.

In celebration to Chinese New Year, I’ve got my nails participate too! I know Chinese are fond of red and polka dots, so here they are!


I’m not Chinese but I respect different beliefs, lucks and charms. There’s nothing to lose if we just know what is right and wrong to do. Always pray and God will lead us to the right direction.


What can you say?

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