How I Customize my Phone

I am childish. I am playful. I have with colors. And I think those attitudes keep me young at heart. Lol! I applied that to every days of my life. I wear colorful clothes, put on stylish nail arts, and keep my place as playful and colorful too.

And also to my phone. It’s the thing I always carry everywhere I go so as much as possible I want it to be as colorful as my imaginations. 🙂

I downloaded and installed the GO Apps from the Google Play Store. Then chose themes from its own GO Market. Below are some of the sub-apps and themes I used:

GO Locker


GO Launcher Wallpaper


GO Launcher Menu


GO Contacts


GO Dialer

dial keypad
GO SMS Pro Inbox


GO Keyboard


GO SMS Pro Conversation


I just love PINK! You can choose any theme with its own color and style that suits your taste too. Just explore and have fun!


What can you say?

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