Love is…Waiting at the Airport

June Love Part 1

Waiting at the airport for someone you love is the most exciting and thrilling moment for me. Last June 2 is the most anticipated day of the year. My husband is coming home and he’ll be having a 1-month vacation. He choose this month for 3 reasons: our 5th wedding anniversary, my 27th birthday and Railey’s 1st day of school. My parents, aunt and uncle, and in-laws came to our house for the welcome party celebration. As usual, my mother is the cook. 🙂 Orley requested a lechon baboy for it’s been 1 year that he has not eaten a pork which is his very favorite kind of food. Short-budgeted I was but glad that my bestfriend lent me that amount.


I waited at the airport with mixed emotions. My father and 2 kids came along too. Every time the megaphone announced something, I listened very eagerly on the flight number and stretched my neck to see the arrival door as it opens. Unfortunately, his flight was delayed and had to wait at the airport for another 2 hours. It’s long enough for me. Everyone in the house was not taking the dinner yet coz they also had to wait for Orley.

Common method of using the time while waiting at the airport or any places is surfing the net, most particularly on Facebook. I did that too but not too long coz I might exceed from the mobile data plan. I took pictures of my kids playing as we’re waiting at the airport patiently and excitedly. Most of the people sitting next to us are busy on their phones too. Some of them surfing FB, texting or calling other members of the family informing about the flight. I just looked at them curiously asking myself, how many years or how long are they separated with the one they are waiting for today? How many months is the vacation of that person or how long are they gonna be together? Well, they’re all unanswered. I didn’t had the time to ask or chat with them as I’m busy running after my kids playing on the sloping path of the waiting area.

I tried to enjoy myself while thinking of the things about us or reactions that are about to happen in the next hour or so. What would we say to each other? Who would come near him first – me, Railey or Raine? What does he look like – same as before or more handsome than ever? LOL! What would I do – hug or kiss? 🙂

Waiting at the airport for long hours gave me the chance to reminisce the past as well. I scanned my phone with pictures of us together. The picture made me remember the exact feeling I felt at the time that photo was taken, kind of flashback. Indeed, pictures capture moments that are worth cherished for.

After this month, he’ll go back to Riyadh and I’ll be waiting again at the airport for him after 1 year. Life’s like that!


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