Dotted Nails

This might seem off the topic from the daily prompt being given – By the Dots. LOL! Actually, sometimes I don’t follow the description. I just post based on the title alone. Upon receiving the daily prompt, By the Dots, this kind of post came into my mind.

It’s obvious that I am really fond of nail art. This is my hobby and I do this as nail care or even just for passing the time. Long or short nails, this doesn’t stop me from designing them intricately or simply. Let’s do simple nail art by using the dots. We can achieve these kinds of design with out without the proper dotting tool. We can make our DIY tools out of the things that are just available around the house:

  • For intricate line work, build yourself a needlepoint tip. Stick a sewing needle into the end of any pencil with an eraser end.
  • Toothpicks. Be sure to purchase picks with flattened bases for an extra shape to play with!
  • Tip of a bobby pin or hair pin for making dots.

I don’t have a dotting tool but I have nail colors that is suitable for dotting, the one that comes with fine brush and a fine point all in one. This makes me easier to do nail art by the dots. Check these out!

polka dots


For the flower nail art design, just make 5 dots forming a circle in a color of your choice. Be creative in choosing colors that will suit the tone of your skin as well. Get a very fine stick (toothpick will do), place itย in the center of each dot and carefully drag to the center of the flower to make a crossing line effect on the flower design. It’s done! You can either put a dot on the center of the flower so 6 circles in all and do the steps repeatedly if you want more flowers on a nail. Use different colors if you wish. You may add some swirls or trail dots or wisps in a fashionable way that look like continuous on your 5 nails.

Designing is really up to your taste, and imagination. Simply by the dots, you can create beauty and colorful accent to your personality. ๐Ÿ™‚


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Daily Prompt: By the Dots


4 thoughts on “Dotted Nails

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      • It’s really easy. Get a birthday candle, put nail polish on a paper plate, dip the candle end, not the wick end, into the polish, then touch your nail and you will see the flower.
        It’s fun!

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