Transform Old Jeans into 3 New Lower Outfits

~ Don’t be afraid of CHANGE. You might LOSE something GOOD but you’ll GAIN something BETTER. ~

Upon cleaning up my closet, there are 2 ways I always involve: Give or Revive

For this old skinny jeans, which is already loose because of 5 years usage (preggy or not), I decided to revive or transform into something NEW. There are 3 parts.


1st Part – Walking Shorts

Just cut the uppermost part of the jeans. Sew the hemline neatly.


2nd Part – My Mini Skirt

  1. Cut the middle part of the jeans according to the height of your legs – just above the knee level.
  2. Try to wrap it around your hips/legs if the length of the cut jeans will fit. For sure it won’t. So I gather some small pieces of cloth to add some length. Make sure the quality or texture is the same or almost the same with the jeans. Colors and designs may vary according to your taste. 🙂 Cut or divide the jeans. Just cut it along the old seamlines. Attached and sew the other pieces of cloth alternately. The colored cloth will serve as the sidings of the skirt.
  3. IMG_20140807_052632Make a waistband by folding another piece of cloth lengthwise. I chose the same color and design to the sidings of the skirt.
  4. IMG_20140807_094213You can stop there and have your mini skirt. But it’s up to you if you want some extra embellishments to it. You can opt to add a ruffled hem (same piece of cloth as above).


3rd Part – Mini Skirt for Kids

  1. Apply the same method as making the mini skirt above. But it depends to the size of your kid. The lower part of the jeans is just fit to wrap my baby girl’s hips/thighs/legs so I just sew them around.
  2. Find the part that is longer and make it as the hem of the skirt. Sew neatly.
  3. Add garter or snap to the waistline.


~My Model~

I always enjoy doing DIY Refashion Projects and make my baby girl wear them. 🙂


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