Mom’s Night Out

When at first you don’t succeed…

Eat a slice of cake and sip a cup of coffee.

Then try again!

These are the words used by the mommy blogger who is the main character of the movie Mom’s Night Out. Most reviews are not good. Some say, the movie is a disappointment from start to finish, comedy but nothing much to laugh about, faith-based film but sexism or underestimating the strength of a husband/father. To me, I find it enjoyable to watch. By the way, this is not a movie review. I just want to share about the movie. Why I like and what I like about it. I’ve seen the movie 3 times, the third time was before I wrote this one. 😉



This is the first time I see Mom’s Night Out main character, Sarah Drew. But I like how she portrays her mother role. I kind of see myself into her, LOL! I mean being a mother blogger wannabe but don’t know how to start writing, stay-at-home mom who feels terrible at every thing she do, mom with hyper kids but has friends who are also moms who still enjoy night outs, a wife that has working but understanding husband, etc. Well, maybe every mom is like that. I adore a mom and wife like her – focused on her kids, clean-freak but still maintains the rampage body and charming personality. However, while I’m breaking a leg to become pleasing, hers is effortless. LOL! (…you know they’re actresses…)

I’m not only focused to Sarah Drew but also minding the rest of the cast of Mom’s Night Out. Her close friends, the 2 other moms, especially to the one who always pretended things are under control when in fact she’s suffering a major stress and had some wild secrets in the past. Funny but I think of a mom friend who’s into that kind of character. Yeah I know she’s older than me but we have our own types of problems and it’s impossible that you always have an easy solution for everything. Though I still thank her for her concern, pieces of advice and time for listening to my sentiments whenever I’m in some trouble. She’s like a big sister to me.

And oh, how I wish I had a husband whose like in Mom’s Night Out movie. He encourages his wife to celebrate Mother’s Day and take a break, keep her from worrying while “enjoying” the night, and bringing flowers. (…peace Hon…) My husband loves me as much as how I love him but I never experienced receiving a bouquet of flowers from him. Just a simple thing but I just want to know how it feels to receive such. 😉 And when I said night out, he won’t totally agree but he can’t stop me as he’s miles away. LOL! All he can do is call every 2 hours and ask how I am doing and what time will I go home. 🙂

I’m also kind of worried upon seeing the daughter of the everythings-under-control mom. I also have a daughter and it’s a reality that we have nothing to do when they grow up. They will know how to decide for their selves and it’s up to them whether to heed our advice or not. Good thing mine is just 2 years old and I still have more time to guide her towards a beautiful direction.


I was almost down to tears to one of the Mom’s Night Out scenes where husband arrives with flowers to a messy home and found her wife lurking in the corner of the room watching a bird in the video and seems to feel relief upon seeing his husband. I can really relate this to my situation 2 years ago. Just 2 months after giving birth to my second child, both of my kids had a fever and I’m still at postpartum stage. My husband was working night shift. Though he called to lift my spirit up, I still feel burdened. I was only staring at the clock and wait till it says 7 o’clock as his shift ends at 6am. Just by hearing the sound of his motorcycle made me feel relieved and closed my eyes to sleep.

I was deeply touched too when Mom’s Night Out main character Sarah Drew saw her kid drawing on the wall but couldn’t wipe it out, especially the family drawing. Instead, she neatly framed it. At first, I get annoyed seeing our white wall stratched with colorful crayons. But now, I get used to it. I didn’t even bother to repaint it. These are kids and this was how I started until I become what I am now. Explore, enjoy and learn!

Of all that could possibly help the moms find the lost baby, it’s the rugged biker/tattoo shop owner! See, it’s not the looks or job that defines a person…it’s what he do for his/her fellow.


“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”


Mom’s Night Out could be not a very nice movie at all, still it leaves an impression to everyone’s mind that no matter what’s your position or status in the society, you cannot level with the purpose that God has laid out for you. You don’t have the power to keep things in control. Just go with it according to His will.


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